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The Fake Crypto Sender

We are professional hackers and developers who have over 15 years experience in building darkweb softwares and services. The Fake Crypto Sender is one of our powerful and advanced softwares built to flash all major crypto types with a 97.3% success rate.

It is designed with the latest advancement in blockchain technology with speed, efficiency and anonymity in mind. It works by sending out your choice of crypto to the victim’s wallet where he/she will confirm and receive it almost immediately, but they cannot transfer or make use of it.

Unlike singular crypto flashing softwares that can only send out one type of crypto (that is either Bitcoin, or USDT or Ethereum), our software is one of a kind as it incorporate the ability to send out multiple crypto types like Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, Monero and other major/popular crypto. Note: We are working to add more options as time goes and it will only be available for our regular customers

We launched our software for only a limited number of clients and when we reach our target number of users, we will stop selling our Fake Crypto Sender software to the public (it will only be by invitation/recommendation). This is to be able to properly protect our clients to the fullest and also offer premium services and updates to only our users. It is also to reduce the misuse of our software by amateurs.

Our software comes with premium proxies that are programmed to automatically connect immediately you open our software and your IP can never leak and it rotates/changes after every crypto flash. This is to ensure maximum security and anonymity to protect you and your identity.

Finally, even with all features and advanced capabilities of our software, we have made it highly affordable to purchase with very secure payment options setup for your anonymity (that is, even if we wanted to, we won’t have any info about you to give up to the authorities)

Purchase now and Enjoy power at the tips of your hands…