Fake Crypto Sender: the Most Advanced Cryptocurrency Sender

Download and send Fake USDT/Tether, Fake Bitcoin, Fake Ethereum, and 7 other supported cryptocurrencies, to any wallet of your choice using our powerful software for Mobile (Android/IOS) and PC (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Fake Crypto Sender Software PC
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Fake Crypto Sender Software

for multiple cryptocurrencies

The Fake Crypto Sender software can send fake USDT/Tether, fake Bitcoin, fake ethereum, fake dodgecoin and 6 other major cryptocurrencies to any wallet (Binance, Coinbase, Trustwallet and others). And it will last for a maximum flash duration of 120 days (115 days for Ethereum) in the victim/client's wallet.

Our Software is a Fake USDT/Tether sender, Fake Bitcoin sender, Fake Ethereum Sender, and more, all in one app/software!!!

It is built using the latest breakthroughs and loopholes in the blockchain technology that enable the creation of automated cryptocurrency transactions and it will send messages to the blockchain network that mimic the transaction process without actually executing a genuine transaction.

Our software simulates the functionality of successful cryptocurrency transactions by confirming and displaying in the wallet but has no real market value and it can't be exchanged.
While some individuals may use it for pranks, others may use it for deceiving unsuspecting clients.

Crypto Flashing by Fake Crypto Sender Software

Why Use Our Software???

The Most Advanced Cryptocurrency sender


Fake Crypto Sender Software Is equipped with premium Encrypted Proxies that masks your real IP and location, encrypts all data about your activities in our software and it also changes/rotates after every flash. So there is no possibility of you being tracked using our software.

Massive Flash Amount

Fake Crypto Sender Software has been built to handle transfer of up-to $1,000,000 per day for all major cryptocurrencies to any wallet of your choice. Note that the $1,000,000 stated is the sum of all transactions per day (Do not exceed it!!)

Long-lasting Flash

Fake Crypto Sender Software crypto flashes can last as long as 120 days but 115 days for Ethereum and this is because of limits placed behind the Ethereum network. But this will give you enough time to successfully play your prank on friends or fool your clients.

Lightening Speed Transfer

Fake Crypto Sender Software utilizes Proof-of-Stake (PoS), which is a consensus mechanism that involves defining consensus rules, validator selection algorithms, staking and delegation mechanisms, network communication, resulting in a blockchain network where transactions are validated based on staked coins, to achieve the fastest speed of cryptocurrency transfer in blockchain technology.


Unlike other software out there that can only flash/transfer one type of cryptocurrency, Fake Crypto Sender Software can transfer multiple, major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, Dodgecoin, TRON, and more, to any wallet of your choice.

Efficient and Secure

We are the Official Developers of the Fake Crypto Sender Software. And our software is built with AES-256 encryption used by governments and security organizations so buying directly from us guarantees your security and an assurance of over 97.8% success in flashing all major cryptocurrency wallets.

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Our data

Flashed Cryptocurrencies

Flashed Cryptocurrencies
Total Crypto Flashed

Total - $ 998,688,200,000+

  • 30% Bitcoin
  • 20% USDT
  • 15% Ethereum
  • 15% Dodgecoin
  • 10% Others
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Frequency Asked Questions

You have come to the perfect place. Our FAKE CRYPTO SENDER SOFTWARE is all this and more. It is a fake USDT sender, fake Bitcoin sender, fake Ethereum sender and more all in one!! Fully secured and anonymous for your safety and privacy. And it is for lifetime use!!! Use this detailed guide here to learn how to buy our Fake Crypto Sender Software

Yes, Fake Crypto Sender Software can flash and send Fake Bitcoin, Fake USDT/Tether, Fake Ethereum, and 7 other cryptocurrencies, to any wallet. We are currently working to add more for our loyal customers. You can learn more about this here.

You can only purchase the Fake Crypto Sender Software From our Official Store: https://fakecryptosender.com/dark-store

Our Crypto Sender software is available and works perfectly for Android devices, IOS devices, and PC.

We have tested and successfully flashed millions of crypto with our software to various wallets like Binance, Coinbase, Trustwallet, Trezor, Electrum, Ledger, Metamask, OKX, eToro, Atomic, Monero, and others. And after successfully sending out crypto to these wallets, we guarantee you a 97.8% success rate of 97.8% in flashing all our supported cryptocurrencies. Although, if you face any issue with flashing into any new or untested wallets, kindly reach out to us and we will assist you with it.

Unlike our competitors who claim to sell fake usdt, bitcoin and ethereum sender softwares as different softwares and they sell it for a high price too, our Fake Crypto Sender Software was developed to be a fake usdt/tether sender, fake bitcoin sender, fake ethereum sender and more, all in one! and we want it to be very affordable compared to others. You can read some of our customers review in Trustpilot

For normal users, we have placed a $1,000,000 flashing limit for every 24 hours. And for advanced users, $1,200,000 for every 24 hours. Meaning if you exceed your limit, you will have to wait for 24 hours to flash again.

In the scenario that you don’t want to carry out the flashing by yourself, we are fully at your service 24/7 to carry it out for you.

Never! From purchase to continual use, every activity, flashing, communication, purchases, and updates with us or with our software is highly protected by military-grade encryption and constantly revolving IPs. You are anonymous with us. Look at the best ways we advice our customers to send Fake Crypto with our software here.

We are experienced hackers and programmers with over 20 years in cracking, blockchain and security softwares and services. And we are the Official Developers of the ‘Fake Crypto Sender‘ software. We take every necessary precautions to ensure that our software continues to remain genuine and effective

Yes we offer customized services. If you want to increase the $1,000,000 limit on your account, we can increase it for a small fee. Also if you want to increase/decrease the flash duration (the amount of days our fake crypto will stay in your wallet) of your crypto, we can also customize that for you.

Finally, if you want your crypto to be transferable from one wallet to another, that can also be arranged.

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