How to Send Fake USDT With The Fake Crypto Sender Software

Flash USDT is a controlled form of cryptocurrency totally by you when making use of our powerful software. It is the fake version of USDT/Tether which can be sent out in massive amounts to a client/victim USDT wallet but the victim wont be able to send it out because it is not real. Flash/fake usdt is one of the multiple coins you can send with our software. With our software, you can be able to flash as much as #600,000 USDT to any wallet of your choice and this article will explain exactly how you can do that. In this detailed guide, you will learn how to send fake usdt with our software. Let’s get started….

Purchase And Install Fake Crypto Sender Software

[If You have already bought our software, please skip this step]

You need our powerful software if you are going to be able to send massive amount of fake usdt to any wallet of your choice. if you haven’t bought it yet, please get one now before proceeding from our official store and you can learn more about how to do that easily here. Also, if you have bought our software but have not set it up, you can follow the documentation provided in the zip file you received after purchasing our software or contact us and we will assist you immediately.

After purchasing, please read on…

Launch Fake Crypto Sender Software From Any Of Your Devices

We believe by now you have successfully bought, and installed Fake Crypto Sender in any of your preferred device. Moving forward, once our software is set up and running in your device(s), Launch it and enter your login credentials. After a successful login, you will see your dashboard which will display your crypto balance for the day, all supported cryptocurrencies you can flash and you will automatically be connected to a Premium Proxy IP to protect you and make you anonymous.

Click/select usdt to send out fake usdt and another screen will open for you to connect your wallet (This article explains why you need to connect your wallet before flashing). After connecting your wallet, another screen opens for you to put in the target usdt wallet, the amount you want to send, and your preferred Tether/usdt networks.

Please ensure you double check the target wallet you aim to send fake usdt to and then click on the flash button.

Your transaction should be sent and completed with the maximum timeframe of 5 minutes (If you are using the PC version of our software, a progress bar will display the status of your flashing). After your transaction is completed and your usdt sent, a transaction hash will be generated and displayed to you.

Congratulations, you have successfully flashed USDT with our software with ease and speed.

Note that all transactions made can be checked and verified via etherscan, Tronscan and others.

4 Things To Note To Successfully Send USDT With Fake Crypto Sender Software

  1. Ensure you are using the official software from us which can only be gotten from our official store here
  2. Ensure you have a stable internet connection throughout this process. We recommend our customers to be connected to a secure and fast internet router for fast speed.
  3. Ensure that you don’t have more than three apps running in the background of your device(s) to ensure enough RAM can be allocated to our software for optimal flashing speed.
  4. Ensure that you double check all details used and inputted during sending of your USDT. such as your “wallet connect” details, your client/receivers USDT wallet, the amount you are sending and also your choice of Tether network.

2 Precautions To Take When Sending USDT With Fake Crypto Sender Software

  1. We advise our customers to use their trusted devices to install and carry out their flashing so as to avoid crypto Clippers (malicious software that targets cryptocurrency transactions by changing the recipient’s wallet address) You can learn what a crypto clipper is and how to find and remove it here.
  2. Monitor your quota of cryptocurrency you can and have flashed before flashing any crypto so you don’t get the insufficient crypto warning.


Sending Flash USDT with the Fake Crypto Sender Software is a breeze once you get to familiarize yourself with the interface. All you need is just 3 clicks of a button and your USDT will be sent to your chosen destination

And the unique thing about our software and service is our 24/7 support where we are always active to assist you in any way you need. Either in purchase, installation or sending out cryptocurrencies.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the chat button visible on the bottom left section of our official site or via our telegram handle: We are always here for you.