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Description Of Fake Crypto Sender Software (Android)

Our Fake Crypto Sender Software is available for Android devices. It is a powerful software that can also be called a fake USDT sender, Fake Bitcoin sender, fake Ethereum sender, fake Dogecoin sender, fake Litecoin sender and more!!

This is because it can flash/send up-to 10 different cryptocurrencies with a 97.8% success in flashing to over 45 different wallets like Binance, Trustwallet, Coinbase, Electrum, OKX and more (DEX– Decentralized Exchanges and CEX-Centralized Exchanges included)

fake crypto sender software dashboard


Note: It will only work for Android version 10 and above. Anything lower than version 10 will not work!!!

All information related to the installation and setup for your Android device is provided as a document and video guide in the file that will be provided to you after a verified purchase.

Also you will have 24/7 support and assistance from us till you are fully able to use our software and flash like a pro.

After Successful Payment, You will receive a file containing:

  1. Android Fake Crypto Sender software (An Apk file will be provided for installation. Also there is a very detailed video on how to do this)
  2. Documentation: Tutorials and guides in the form of very detailed and easy to follow text and video is also included.

Note:  Without an activation code, our software will never work on any device. Buying from us, the official developers ensures you receive an activation code for your software. Note: One activation code, one device.

Features Of Fake Crypto Sender Software (Android)

  1. Works on Android 10 and above
  2. Able to flash all supported crypto (USDT/Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana and 6 more) with high speed to any wallet of your victims/client. (Read this informative guide here)
  3.  Flashing will last for a minimum flash duration of 45 days (30 days for Ethereum).
  4. Able to flash up-to $1,000,000 worth of crypto per day for all major cryptocurrencies and to any wallet of your victims (Learn more)
  5. Fully anonymous using our premium, rotating proxies
  6. All activities are encrypted with AES-256 encryption used by governments and security organizations


Ensure you are buying from us, the official developers of this powerful software at www.fakecryptosender.com/dark-store. We will not be liable for you being scammed by any other person, corporation, or body claiming to be us or working for us.


  1. We will never chat or email you first
  2. We will never ask you for your activation code first
  3. All purchases to our powerful crypto softwares are made only at www.fakecryptosender.com/dark-store

Hurry and purchase this powerful crypto flashing software for Android devices to experience true power of HACKING



15 reviews for Fake Crypto Sender Software (Android)

  1. Penny

    On my first purchase, it was perfect for my Redmi 12 note. Very fast and I had no issues flashing USDT and Ethereum. But my second purchase, I used it on my Camon 20 but I had issues with flashing USDT. After the first one went successfully, the second and third didn’t, giving error of “Connection error, Please contact support for assistance”

    • Developer

      Hello sir/ma, pls contact us via our support either on the chat buttons currently on this screen or on our in-app support. Over 20 agents are fully ready to assist immediately. Thanks

  2. Seth beacon

    This is truly the best in the market, i dont need to buy a bitcoin sender anymore or an ethereum flasher. You have everything here and i love it. It is powerful too but i guess its because of the samsung i am using. My only complain is in the user interface. Please just tweak it a little bit to look better and it will be worth 5 stars. Thank you for developing such a useful software.

  3. Isabella Christian

    Hello admin, so i have a question actually, is there a feature where i can convert one crypto to another inside the software. Because some days i only get around $400,000 – $500,000 usdt and this is not enough sometimes. So is it possible that i can convert other crypto that i dont need to usdt instead of it to go to waste. Awaiting your response.

    • Developer

      Not yet Isabella, we are working towards that but if you want to convert your fake crypto anytime, you can contact us and we will do that for you immediately. Once we release the feature of converting from one crypto to another, we will release the information in our channel and also via your email.

  4. Avery Harper

    I reallly wish I found y’all a year ago, i would have been richer than i am now. I have been selling fake crypto for 3 months now and i also do p2p once a while.

  5. Anonymous

    hello admin, i did 3 transactions today and the first 2 was successful but the last one is is still showing processing for over 6 hours now and i have contacted support via Whatsapp but no response. Please resolve this fast because my client is waiting for me.

    • Developer

      This is very usual, transactions from our software are usually processed within a short period of time. Please contact me directly via telegram and i will resolve it for you immediately. I apologies for this inconvenience

  6. Arjuna

    I’m very new to Bitcoin and other crypto, and i was scammed in a bitcoin investment website that promised 30% returns. They convinced me to send them money 3 times, and i did and i was broke. Makrel was angel to me. He gave me a discount and after i made enough money with the software, i paid him back. I love you sir and i will not make my first mistake again. Thank you so much.

    • Developer

      Hello Arjuna, i am happy that you are at a better place now. Lessons are meant to be learnt from and not repeated. So be better and i am happy our software is getting you there.

  7. Anonymous

    To be honest ,I came across a post on our forum from a fellow member who had used your software. I’ll admit, I had my doubts about the service, thinking it might just be a waste of money. However i am shocked that such a software exist and not many people know about it. Very surprising.

  8. Anonymous

    My God, this software is so slow, i literally had to restart my phone multiple times before i was able to send flash btc. IMPROVE THE SPEED ELSE I WONT BUY OTHER VERSION FROM YOU

    • Developer

      Hello sir/ma, our software has been tested and used in various devices, in different conditions before we released it for public use. So i can assure you that there is nothing wrong with our software, but the device you are using. Please make sure you have a device that matches or exceeds the requirements that we have listed before using our software. So you wont have any issues with running our software, Thank you.

  9. Anonymous

    The $1M is is too small sir, can you increase it. I have more clients who are now requesting for more fake crypto Please tell me if you can increase the limit. i will pay more money

    • Developer

      Hello sir/ma, yes we can increase the limit of your account if you want. This is a paid service and also reserved for ‘power’ users. Please contact us and tell how much you want your limit to be increased to and we will work on it. Thanks

  10. Herby Sharon

    First thing I want to say is this company is legit. Admin Makrel was very helpful and helped me clear my doubts and i have not regretted anything till now. And your support is trying, sometimes there are not as fast as i want, but they try. So kudos

    • Developer

      Thank you for your feedback and we will increase our speed of support.

  11. Robert Arturo

    I was skeptical at first because i have been scammed before, and i thought you may be another scam. But once i bought your software, installed it and send $40,000 USDT and i received it in my binance account. I almost jumped up and screamed my voice out hahaaha. Thank you and my God bless you

  12. Chinok Abele

    Hello, i love your software and i have been using it for a while now. But i noticed something strange, i was flashing Dogecoin yesterday and when it started i had to minimize the app to open my whatsapp messages, and when i came back to the app, the flashing was cancelled and was not successful. Why?

    • Developer

      Hello Chinok, you must not minimize our software, close our software, or switch off your device when the flashing operation is being carried out. This can result in unsuccessful or failed flashing transactions. Thanks

  13. Shening

    I still prefer the IOS version to the Android because it is faster in my opinion and i experience less lagging when i make use of it. But still i like flashing coins to my client wherever i am , regardless of the device i am with. So i will stick with the Android till i buy a Macbook and then buy your MAC version

  14. Rahul Zohaib

    Your software is slow when i send 2 BTC to OKX wallet. It appeared after 11 minutes, i need it to be instant. Please increase the speed of sending BTC. USDT and Litecoin is very fast and instant. Make it like them ok? I buy other versions too

    • Developer

      Hello Rahul, we apologies for the issue you are facing. Please contact our support agents anytime you face these issues and we will definitely resolve it for you immediately. Thank you for your patronage

  15. Al habib Musa

    أنا مسرور ببرنامجك كثيرًا. أقوم بتقديم المزيد من أصدقائي لشرائه واستخدامه حتى نتمكن من كسب المال معًا.

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Fake Crypto Sender Software (Android)
Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $1,100.00.
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