How Much Crypto Can I Send Using Fake Crypto Sender Software??

As the official developers of the Fake Crypto Sender, we have worked hard for our customers to be able to enjoy a massive amount of cryptocurrencies to flash/send. Unlike other softwares that claim to be able to send $400,000 or less, we increased that amount to $1,000,000 for our regular users and $1,200,000 for premium users to be able to send as much crypto as they need.

Why Is It This Large?

This is mostly because our software is developed to send multiple types of cryptocurrencies like USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. So we offer such a large amount for our users to be able to flash as much as any regular user would need per day.

Can This Amount Be Upgraded??

Yes, but this is for exclusive users and only when we deem your reason for such upgrade is inline with our Rules and Regulations. Contact us for more information:

Is The $1,000,000 For All Cryptocurrencies Available?

The amount stated here is for all cryptocurrencies available for you to flash. Meaning any crypto you flash either USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, dodgecoin, litecoin, solana, USDC, and 3 others, will be subtracted from your main balance.

How Can I Know How Much Balance I Have?

Your balance is shown to you in your dashboard, immediately you login and after every crypto flash


Our software is one of a kind. We have the highest amount for cryptocurrencies you can flash compared to any other developers or software out there. And we also have the highest amount of Crypto type you can flash compared to any other software.

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You can always contact us for any queries or assistance regarding purchases, installation, and usage. Thanks and enjoy using our software.