Warning: Sharing Fake Crypto Sender Software Logins Can Lead to Ban

At Fake Crypto Sender, we really do pay serious attention to security and privacy, we know you might have encountered situations where you are tempted to share your password and account details with family members or friends.

We strongly frown at this as it might lead to severe effects and consequences, this is because we understand what it means to protect our customers account as well as making sure that your experience with the Software is special.

Obviously with the Fake Crypto Sender software, you will be allowed to send major cryptocurrencies like Fake USDT/Tether, Fake Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more to any wallet, but we noticed a very concerning trend around some users, on some occasions we observed that some users are sharing their login details with their other persons, be it colleague, family or friends.

This particular practice is posing a serious threat to your accounts and it clearly violates our terms of services.

We know that to you our esteemed users, sharing logins might seem a harmless action, but the truth is, it can lead to severe consequences, this is because when you share your login, it could lead to your Fake Crypto Sender account being compromised, and we are sure you wouldn’t want that, you could even jeopardize some of your clients details when an untrusted person have access to your account.

When you share your login information, you should know that you’re giving someone else control over your account. This can allow them to access your details on Fake crypto Sender software, they can view your transaction history, and even withdraw or send fake funds without your knowledge or consent.

In this article, we’ll try to make you understand some of the reasons why sharing Fake Crypto Sender software login credentials is strictly prohibited and¬†we’ll guide you through some of the risks that you could encounter with sharing login information, the consequences of violating our terms of service, and why it is very important for you to pay keen attention to our account security.

We believe that if you have a better understanding of all the risks as well as the potential dangers of sharing login with a third party, it will help discourage you from sharing your login details.

What is Fake Crypto Sender Software?

Fake Crypto sender software is a software that you can use to facilitate fake cryptocurrency transactions. With the Fake Crypto Sender software, you can easily send fake cryptocurrencies, Our Fake Crypto Sender software can send fake cryptocurrencies (like USDT/Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more) to any wallet whether DEX (Decentralized) or CEX (Centralized) like Binance, Coinbase, Trustwallet, Bybit, Phantom, Electrum etc.

These fake cryptocurrencies will appear in the client wallet for a short time (up to 120 days, or 115 days for Ethereum). Our software is created to copy real cryptocurrency transactions, although these transactions are not real and have no actual value. They can be exchanged or used to buy anything (if you are smart about it)

Our software uses the latest technology to create fake transactions that look real, but they’re not actually happening on the blockchain, you can use it on your clients without them noticing

The Risks of Sharing our Fake Crypto Sender Software Logins

Sharing our Fake crypto sender software logins can certainly lead to a whole lot of serious consequences that we wouldn’t want you to face, some of the issues you could face includes:

1.Compromising Your Account Security:

When you decide to share your login information with a family or Friend, you’re obviously giving someone else control over your account, although you might trust the person, but our system doesn’t trust anyone else except you, our dear customer.

We wouldn’t want any situation where someone else other than you will have access to your account and jeopardize it. if you give your login to someone else and we noticed, in order to avoid your account being compromised, we may be forced to take some actions which might include denying you access to your account.

In order not for you to find yourself in such a situation that could be a pain in the ass, we strongly advise against sharing your login, because for instance, you might share your login with a close friend or family member, thinking they’ll help you manage your account, however, unknown to you, this person has bad intentions and uses your account to send fake cryptocurrencies to their own clients wallet or engage in illegal activities you may not want. We’ll definitely hold you liable for their actions, and your account can be flagged for suspicious activity, it could even lead to a permanent ban.

In order not to be in this situation, please do not share your login with anyone, we value you.

2.Violating Terms of Service and User Agreement:

Sharing your login violates the terms of service and user agreement that you accepted when creating your account with Fakecryptosender.com. Once you decide to share your login information, you’re directly or indirectly allowing someone else to access your account and use our services without our permission.

This is a serious breach of contract, you’re totally going against what you agreed on, we totally frown at it, and it can result in severe consequences, which of course includes us being forced to close your account.

3.Compromising Platform Integrity:

If you decide to Share your login with your friends and families, it will sadly compromise the integrity of our platform and the trust our users have placed in us. When you share your login information, it means you’re allowing someone else to have access to our platform and conduct transactions under your name. 

This can lead to a lot of issues for us, from unauthorized transactions to account takeovers, this can cause severe damage to our reputation and make some of our users lose trust in us, we wouldn’t want that to happen as we want to serve you very well, we want you to be able to send your fake crypto currencies to your clients without having any issues.


Like we’ve said from the beginning of this blog post, sharing your software login with a third party is strictly prohibited by us, this is because of the obvious risks it poses not only to your account security, but also on our terms of service, our general regulatory compliance, and the overall integrity of our platform.

We plead with all of you our esteemed users to embrace these measures we’ve put in place for account security and follow best practices so as to make your account safe, our platform is huge enough to accommodate your friends, colleagues and families who might need the Fake Crypto Sender Software for themselves or their clients, recommend them to us, we’ll treat them well just as we’ve been doing to you.