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Description Of Fake Crypto Sender Software (Windows)

Our Fake Crypto Sender Software. is available for Windows PC devices. It is a powerful software that can also be called a fake USDT sender, Fake Bitcoin sender, fake Ethereum sender, fake Dogecoin sender, fake Litecoin sender and more!!

This is because it can flash/send up-to 10 different cryptocurrencies with a 97.8% success in flashing to over 45 different wallets like Binance, Trustwallet, Coinbase, Electrum, OKX and more (DEX– Decentralized Exchanges and CEX– Centralized Exchanges included)


Fake crypto sender pc


All information related to the installation and setup for your Windows PC is provided as a document, pictures, and video guide in the file that will be provided to you after a verified purchase.

Also you will have 24/7 support and assistance from us till you are fully able to use our software and flash like a pro.

After Successful Payment, You will receive a file containing:

  1. Windows Fake Crypto Sender software (An EXE file will be provided in the file after purchase. Also there is a very detailed video on how to successfully install this)
  2. Documentation: Tutorials and guides in the form of very detailed and easy to follow text and video is also included.
  3. Activation Code: Without an activation code, our software will never work on any device. Buying from us, the official developers ensures you receive an activation code for your software. Note: One activation code, one device.

Features Of Fake Crypto Sender Software (Windows)

  1. Able to flash all supported crypto (USDT/Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana and 6 more) with high speed to any wallet of your victims/client. (Read this informative guide Here.
  2.  Flashing will last for a minimum flash duration of 42 days (35 days for Ethereum) and maximum of 120 days (115 days for Ethereum)
  3. Able to flash up-to $1,000,000 worth of crypto per day for all major cryptocurrencies and to any wallet of your victims (Learn more.)
  4. Crypto flashes can be set to be fully traded, swapped, and transferred with all confirmations
  5.  We make use of TOR servers and Private IPs to make you totally anonymous
  6. All activities are encrypted with AES-256 encryption used by governments and security organizations
  7. We release free updates of our software every month (or 2 months) to add more features and security patches

Requirements To Install Fake Crypto Sender Software (Windows)

  1. Your Windows PC should have at least 8gb of RAM and 256gb of ROM (SSD preferably)  and above.
  2. Stable internet connection


Ensure you are buying from us, the official developers of this powerful software at www.fakecryptosender.com/dark-store. We will not be liable for you being scammed by any other person, corporation, or body claiming to be us or working for us.


  1. We will never chat or email you first
  2. We will never ask you for your activation code first
  3. All purchases to our powerful crypto softwares are made only at www.fakecryptosender.com/dark-store

Hurry and purchase this powerful crypto flashing software for WIndows PC to experience true power of HACKING


Contact Us

Are you confused or you need more information about Purchasing our software. Please feel free to contact us anytime and an agent will attend to you immediately:

Whatsapp: Click Here.

Telegram: Click Here.

Telegram Channel: Click Here.

5 reviews for Fake Crypto Sender Software (Windows)

  1. Erport

    Tested and worked perfectly in my Dell Latitude. Just a bit advanced. But thanks for customer service

  2. Antons Audris

    Tā ir ļoti jaudīga programmatūra, taču man ir jāzibspuldze arī citas kriptovalūtas, piemēram, litecoin un BCH. Kā es to varu iegūt??

    • darkvendor1

      Labdien, kungs/mā! Mūsu programmatūra pašlaik var aktivizēt 11 galvenās kriptovalūtas, un jaunināšanas laikā mūsu klientiem/lietotājiem tiek pievienots vairāk. Un jebkurš jauns kriptogrāfijas papildinājums esošajiem un ienākošajiem lietotājiem būs bez maksas. Paldies

  3. Akim Alyona

    Привет, я не могу исчерпать баланс в своем программном обеспечении для отправки криптовалюты, могу ли я поделиться своими данными для входа в систему с другом, чтобы использовать остаток, потому что я не знаю, для чего его использовать, и я также не хочу, чтобы он тратился зря. пожалуйста, помогите

    • darkvendor1

      К сожалению, вы не можете никому передавать свои данные для входа. Если вы это сделаете, наша система обнаружит это, и это приведет к немедленному прекращению действия вашей учетной записи. Наше программное обеспечение предназначено для одного программного обеспечения – одного пользователя. Если вашему другу нужно наше программное обеспечение, он должен его купить. А для вас мы предложим небольшую скидку на следующую покупку. Спасибо.

  4. Alexandra Harper

    Currently the best version of all the Fake Crypto Sender Software versions. I use all and i like the PC better of it is neater (UI), it is faster especially if you are running it on 12gb and above laptop. trust me you will enjoy every single flash. kudos to the team for such a powerful masterpiece

  5. Justin Braike

    This the best software meant for flashing. My god. I feel like a hacker. I just pray you guys keep on your service so i can make more money flashing crypto for my customers.

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